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26 October 2005ECF Java Program 2.8.1, sources/sinks with given flows. Users manual, Sources
19 November 2005ECF Java Program 2.8.1, errors corrected,  Users manual, ECF program
17 October 2006ECF Java Program Users manual, ECF program

Current work

More features will be added to the ECF program, like dynamic components.

Future modeling

The following features can be studied:

Statistics has to be collected for these model extensions.

When this is done, the most important markets (capital, currency, stocks) are covered. Then it's time to compare with other economic models. The Swedish National Institute of Economic Research (Konjunkturinstitutet) has its model KOSMOS and the Danish Danmarks Statistik has the model ADAM.

Part 2, Dynamic Systems will have essentially the same sectors as the static systems.

This is a coarse model, it can be refined with:

Still more statistics is needed for these model extensions.

Specific problems for further investigation are found appended to my suggestion for thesis work.


16 Feb. 1996Project description written.
Fall 1996Model no 1 elaborated. Newspaper articles based on the results are published.
15 Oct. 1997First Swedish home page on Internet.
20 April 1998First English home page on Internet
05 February 2004First version of a Java program released.